What's the difference between License options?

The full version of Freshmac can be purchased with 3 different license options:

Prices listed in US Dollars

1. Deluxe 24-month Plan - $3.95/month for 24 months prepaid - total $94.80 billed every 24 months (2 years)

2. Premium 12-month Plan - $6.95/month for 12 months prepaid- total $83.40 billed every 12 months (1 year)

3. Basic 6-month Plan - $10.95/month for 6 months prepaid - total $65.70 billed every 6 months

The main difference between the options is the length of the license and the total price. You save a lot more money buying the Deluxe Plan, however it is a larger prepaid plan.

All plans will renew automatically with the credit card you initially provided on purchase, at the end of your chosen license period. You may disable auto-renewal on the PayProGlobal control panel.

We recommend keeping auto renewal active, that way your Freshmac application will experience no interruption in service.


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